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This species of fish living in the Amazon river and the river Rio Para in Brazil. Its body is slightly laterally compressed, the male having a size of 7-8 cm, 5-6 cm long and the female. A light gray-green or greenish-olive, and on the sides and the abdomen is gray-pink with yellow fins.

Because color and interesting biology, won the sympathy of all this fish and is widely spread among our acvariştii. It feels good in an aquarium with a large volume of water The recommended temperature of 23-26 ° C with a water hardness of 7-8 ° DG. It is a more lively, sprightly, so it is good that the aquarium is covered permanently.

Reproduction is a specifically this species of fish, the female plant parts salt or aquarium walls by depositing eggs. During embryo development, egg sprinkles male standing water by beating tail, thus avoiding them to dry.

At a temperature of 27-28 ° C, the larvae hatch after 27-35 hours and they fall into water where within 4-5 days after yolk sac resorption occurs where fry are starting to have an active life.

After breeding, the pair should be removed from the aquarium tank being transported back in growth. This fish is not fussy about food at first and infused feeds on larvae and then move gradually to a coarser food.

It may well associate the aquarium with the following species: Hmigrammus ocellifer, Hmigrammus Pulcher, colis Lali, Badis brachydanio rerio.



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