Icelandic Shepherd, as its name implies, is a dog that comes from Iceland. It was brought to Iceland by Viking settlers first since the ninth century. There are references to the breed in other documents Icelandic dating from 900-1300. They have quickly become indispensable for farmers in their struggle for survival in harsh conditions, and in 1650 was recorded as “a type of dog that resembles a fox.”

Icelandic Shepherd is lively, with a expression intelligent, friendly, curious and courageous. With a face that always seems happy, smiling frequently, very attentive to everything happening around them, a race is always willing to learn something new. Originally used for guarding sheep and finding lost cattle, he enjoys the company of other animals, especially horses. Friendly by nature, this dog is a favorite among children and adults alike.

Without being aggressive will always receive a warm welcome to visitors why the old asylums are recommended for the wonderful companions or pets. Very devoted to his family, they prefer to be always in the midst neplăcându them to be left alone for long periods of time. They like to sit in a corner office or the front door and look in silence at the whole family.

Their fur is double coated with a thick wire and extremely resistant to weathering. There are two options. With short hair when the outer coat is medium length, with thick undercoat and quite harsh. The hair is shorter than the front, top of head, ears and front legs, and a little longer on the neck, chest and back thighs. The tail is bushy and is proportional to the length of the hair coat. With long hair when the outer coat is much longer than the first variant described above and a thick, soft undercoat. Blăniţei color can be reddish-brown, chocolate, gray, black, but the predominant color is white.

Icelandic Shepherd can reach a height at the withers around 31-41 cm and a weight of about 9-14 kg. The life expectancy of the dog is 11-12 years. The main disease that race is suffering from hip dysplasia.


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